• September 02, 2016

    Best Last-minute Day Trips out of Vegas

    In honor of Labor Day Weekend, here are some of our all-time favorite Vegas day trips. All of them are two hours from the city or less, which means you won't be wasting too much valuable long-weekend time on the road. Having trouble making a decision? Find out more here: The Best Day Trips From Vegas.

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  • August 24, 2016

    100 Years of National Park Service

    The National Park Service turns 100 tomorrow (Aug. 25. 2016), and the old girl is as beautiful as ever! Today, she is responsible for the protection of over 84 million acres of land comprised of 410 sites. To celebrate a century of preservation and service, here is a list of some of the remarkable things you can find in national parks:

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  • August 02, 2016

    The Best Day Trips From Vegas

    Few people realize that the secret to getting the most out of a Vegas experience is to step outside the city. It seems counter-intuitive, but this city is much more than the Entertainment Capital of the World. It is a gateway to the Western United States, from theme parks to landmarks to actual wonders of nature.

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  • July 06, 2016

    Is South Rim or West Rim better?

    If you’re planning your first trip to Las Vegas, odds are the Grand Canyon is somewhere in your itinerary. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. Although the Grand Canyon (Arizona) is in a different state than Las Vegas (Nevada), you can easily drive to the Grand Canyon from Vegas. After living in Vegas for sometime, the most common question I get besides “Which buffet is the best?” is “Should I go to the West or South Rim?”.

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  • December 01, 2015

    Park City Experience

    Park City Utah, 32 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, is home to the largest independent film festival in the U.S.: the Sundance Film Festival. Usually held the last 10 days of January, Sundance attracts droves of Hollywood’s Elite.

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  • November 02, 2015

    Experience Machu Picchu

    Hidden away in the rocky countryside northwest of Cuzco, Peru, Machu Picchu is believed to have been a royal estate or sacred religious site for Inca leaders, whose civilization was virtually wiped out by Spanish invaders in the 16th century.

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