Wineries in Pahrump, Nevada

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Las Vegas
By Erica Arnold
March 02, 2017

Translation of Viñedos en Pahrump, Nevadaoriginally by Cynthia Enriquez. 

If you’ve had enough of Vegas’ casinos, clubs, and parties, then maybe it’s time for you to leave the neon lights behind for a little while and discover a slice of peace and quiet outside the city. You may be thinking that only desert surrounds Vegas, and you’re right, but even the most inhospitable of deserts have an oasis. So get ready. I am about to bring you to a fantastic little place.

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Since weather dictates the flora and fauna that populate any given place, it’s difficult to picture anything other than a random assortment of scant desert plants surviving in the rainless Mojave. But what if I told you that vines can grow in the desert? You might say I’m nuts, but guess what? They can! And in our case, they do! Just 40 minutes outside of Vegas, you’ll discover the old town of Pahrump. The delicate process of wine production -- white and red, dry and sweet, chardonnay and cabernet -- is lovingly followed in its leafy, verdant vineyards.

Although Pahrump is in the middle of the desert today, millions of years ago it was below sea level. Together with the airflow from surrounding mountains, its sea-influenced, mineral-rich soil makes it an extremely fertile location for vines to grow. So let me drive you on an awesome trip totally worth taking -- and no worries if you're short on time. In half a day, you can easily visit these two vineyards in Pahrump: Pahrump Valley Winery and Sanders Family Winery.

Pahrump Valley Winery
3810 Winery Road, Pahrump NV  89048

As soon as you reach this place, you’ll fall in love with the fresh air, surrounding greenery, and charming gazebo (perfect for a photo op with friends). They offer short tours with wine tastings at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. It’s important to arrive early so you don’t miss any details.

Your tour guide will share the vineyard’s origin story, from wild horses grazing on the grapevines, to the production of award-winning wines. You will explore all of the facilities, including the delightful restaurant, adorable gift shop, lovely awards room and wine showcase, the cellar, and finally the bar, where the tour and the story of Pahrump Valley Winery will both draw to a close.

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The cellar is far and away the most interesting part of the tour. You’ll get to see the barrels and learn how the fermentation process works. You will hear about tannins and sugar, red and white grapes, and so much more of this fascinating process. The end of the tour is the much-awaited wine tasting! You can taste up to 7 wines for free at the bar. The tasting is really well organized, with wines served in order from the mellowest to the most robust, and finished off with specialty dessert wines.

Remember the basic steps: see, swirl, smell, and sip (no, we are not spitting good wine, sorry!). Repeat with each glass. Easy, right? At the end of the tasting, choose your favorites and then visit the gift shop. It is so adorable! You will find tons of gifts for your wine-loving friends, and plenty of presents for the non-winos in your life too (Cabernet-chocolate sauce? I’m in!). This tour is worth it any way you slice it.

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Sanders Family Winery
3780 E Kellogg Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061

Pahrump’s second vineyard is the Family Sanders Winery. You’ll enjoy the tranquil environment from arrival to departure, surrounded by stunning mountain views and architecture reminiscent of a Tuscan villa. The comfortable rooms at the winery are so inviting you’ll want to spend an entire lazy afternoon kicked back with friends and a glass of good wine.

They offer a great wine tasting experience, where you get to sample their five best wines. The last glass, the best of them all, is a truly delicious spritzer that will leave you happy, willing to stay longer, and already planning your next visit. I know choosing which wine to buy can be difficult, but do try their slightly sweet and fresh Serenity; it goes perfect with cheese and dessert. Imagine sharing this beauty during a lazy afternoon with friends. So delicious!

Now that you have the information you need, tell us, when are you going? I truly recommend this little trip. I spent a wonderful day and I am sure that you will enjoy it as well. Good luck travelers, and cheers!

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